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NDEGE CHAI SACCO SOCIETY LTD is a fast growing financial institution that was established and registered in the year 1978.

The Sacco is licensed and regulated by SASRA(Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority).Ndege Chai Sacco Society Ltd is a licensed deposit taking Sacco.

Membership is drawn from employees of Finlays countrywide: Kericho, Nairobi, Mombasa, flower firms in Naivasha, and Lemotit farm; Isinya Roses (Kitengela, Molo) employees; Local Tea Factories; Private Security firms; NGO's; County Government Staff; Civil Servants; Schools; Hospitals; Recreational clubs and churches in Kericho; the Business community; and spouses of members; farmers and out growers;.

We also have members who are employees of other tea companies i.e. Sotik Tea, Sotik Highlands,Kapchorua Tea;Tinderet and Changoi.

Vision: Transformation for Prosperity.

Mission: To facilitate the mobilization of savings and provision of cost effective financial and non-financial products and services to our members/customers in Kenya and beyond.

Slogan: "Prospering Together"

Our Core Values

  • Integrity and honesty;
  • Creativity and Innovation, and;
  • Excellence and Quality.

The Sacco has two types of activities: Back Office Service Activities (BOSA) which is a savings and loan facility and Front Office Service Activities (FOSA) in which members and clients access their banking services.

Our Sacco is among the first deposit taking Saccos to have been licensed by SASRA in 2011. This gives us confidence as a good corporate citizen. Over the years, the Sacco has continued to perform very well and continues to receive several accolades including during the Ushirika Day celebrations. During the 2018 Kericho County Ushirika Day celebrations, the Sacco was feted with the following awards:

  • Position 1 in Capitalization(Core Capital)
  • Position 1 in Wide Coverage/Geographical reach
  • Position 1 in Gender Balancing at the Board Level
  • Position 1 in Education and Training to Staff, Members and the Board
  • Position 2 in Loan Deposit Ratio
  • Position 2 in Most Innovative Products
  • Position 2 in Best Insured/Risk Management
  • Position 3 in Expenditure Income Ratio
  • Position 3 in Champions of Governance
  • Position 3 in Date of ADM/AGM
  • Position 3 in Low Committee Expenditure to Budget Ratio
  • In the 2017 Kericho District Ushirika Day celebrations, the Sacco scooped the following awards:
  • Best in Education and Training to members, staff and Board;
  • Best in Gender Balance(BoD level);
  • Best in Wide Coverage;
  • Second Best in Most Innovative Products;
  • Second Best Insured Sacco;
  • Third Best in Date of ADM.

The Sacco participated in the 2017 Champions of Governance (CoG) Awards and took 1st Runners-Up in CoG CEO of the Year 2017 award.

The Sacco recognizes, upholds and esteems its members, peer Saccos, the government and regulatory agencies as well as all stakeholders by adhering to good corporate governance principles and practices, and guided by the Co-operative Principles namely:

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Members economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, Training and information
  • Co-operation among co-operatives
  • Concern for community in general

Thus, the objects of the Society shall generally be in accordance with the Cooperative Values and Principles

WHY join Ndege Chai Sacco Society?

  • Enables one to enjoy various loan products hence facilitate you growing financially.
  • The various savings products help you save and invest wisely.
  • Members use this account to make deposits and to channel salaries from their employers and other payment from businesses, farming among others.
  • The same account facilitates members to get their loan payments from BOSA immediately.

Why you need to Save:

  • Investments: Members earn an annual interest or dividends on the amounts they save monthly.
  • Access to larger loans/credit: The loans members get are pegged to their shares whether directly or through guarantors.
  • Retirement: One saves today for a softer landing in retirement.
  • Savings act as a fallback when temporarily out of payroll.
  • Self guarantor ship: Savings act as security for loans hence prompting confidentiality.
  • A statement of one’s savings can be used in other institutions (e.g. foreign embassies when applying for Visas).
  • Savings boost a member’s self esteem.

How to Save:

  • Monthly share contributions (either through check-off system or cash)
  • Upward share variations
  • Lump sum Cash/cheque deposits
  • Minimum share contributions (prorata) on loans taken
  • Dividend capitalization.