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The objective of this savings account is to provide development-focused/welfare/investment groups with an opportunity to organize monthly/regular contribution through deposits made and to earn an interest of funds maintained. This is an account opened by members of a registered self-help/development-focused group.

Requirements & Benefits:

  • Minimum balance of Ksh 500
  • A minimum balance of Ksh 10,000 starts attracting an interest
  • If in fixed deposit account-negotiable interest depending on amount and period is possible
  • Group members who must be account holders have access to credit facilities
  • Two passport sized colored photographs of officials/signatories or the passport-sized photos of signatories taken at FOSA during account opening
  • Copies of signatories' national identity cards
  • Registration Certificate from the Social Services department ,and constitution of the group
  • Minutes of the meeting held by the group approving the opening of the account.
  • No monthly charges
  • Free standing orders to the Account for Sacco members